Gin Ingredients

We work with our distillery to find the freshest, finest and most local ingredients, starting with our very own saffron: grown in our fields in Essex and Devon. Each ingredient is tasted and hand selected to create the perfect combination. It's not just about taste though. Each ingredient brings its own distinctive characteristics to our gin. Macademia nuts for example and our saffron carry many health benefits.

English Saffron

Grown in our fields in Essex and Devon, hand planted and harvested by our own fair hands, our saffron truly has the greatest flavour. The key to the flavour? Apart from soil, weather and a little love it comes down to the infusion. You can check out how to get our perfect infusion here. Our finest saffron is infused into our distiller's homemade vodka. A truly unique flavour, creating a one off luxurious gin.

East Anglian Sugar Beet

Before the gin can even begin to be created we have to make the vodka base. Unlike many distillers ours create the vodka themselves using the all important ingredient: East Anglian sugar beet. Used since ancient times, the sugar beet is an important part of our history and we are proud to be able to use such a key ingredient to our culture. More detail can be read on the UK agriculture website

Juniper Berries

Perhaps the most obvious ingredient used to make gin, the juniper berry isn't as such a berry. It is actually defined as a female seed cone with a berry like appearance, used often as a spice. It is the only spice to be derived by conifers. It has a slight bitter flavour, giving the gin a kick. The juniper berry is used for many digestion problems and the fragrance is often used in perfumes and cosmetics making it an excellent component to our gin.

Crushed Macademia Nuts

The macademia nut has a sweet taste with a high energy content, one of the highest of all nuts. Containing no cholesteral or gluten and only mono-unsaturated fatty acids, it is packed with nutrition, phytosterols, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins making it an excellent nut for health. You can find more info on the health properties of macademia here

Fresh Citrus Zests

Fresh shavings from citrus fruits such as lemon and orange are added to the vodka to create the gin infusion, giving our gin a subtle zing in flavour and aroma.


Used first in the English late 14th Century, this herb also is of great historical importance. The seeds of the coriander have a wonderfully nutty, warm texture helping to intensify the saffron flavours

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English Saffron Flower with saffron threads harvested to create our luxury rare English Saffron Gin
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