Our Story

In 2004 an eccentric geophysicist named David Smale decided he finally wanted to put his skills to his passion: food. With David it couldn't just have been any food. It had to be something that would utilise all his skills plus a large amount of research, experimentation and patience. And of course it had to be something unusual, not on the market as such, otherwise what would be the point? 


Having many ideas over the years, one without a doubt stuck: saffron. Not only does saffron have an explicably complex flavour but it is perhaps even more difficult to cultivate. The perfect challenge...


In the 14th Century Saffron Walden emerged as England's major area for growing and trading saffron. This fact set David's aspiration to doubtless resolution. 


From one man, one small field, a few saffron crocuses and his family of crocers (saffron 'pickers'). We are reviving the lost art of saffron growing in England and making it taste spiffingly good along the way! Chin chin!