How we make our Saffron Gin


The secret to the finest gin is the best complimentary ingredients distilled in antique copper pots with a vodka base made from scratch. Our saffron then elevates it to a new level with its distinct English Saffron flavour

First a vodka base is made from scratch


This is where our East Anglian sugar beets come in. Sugar beets are the base used in the traditional methods of vodka production, making it the perfect base as it is also locally sourced. The sugar beets are distilled in our artisan distillery's antique copper pots creating the vodka which is then distilled again with our finest ingredients to create our gin. 

Next our ingredients are tasted to create the best combination in flavour and aroma and to compliment and enhance our English Saffron
Finally the ingredients are distilled to create our English Saffron Gin


Juniper berries, crushed macademia nuts, fresh citrus zests and finally our finest saffron are redistilled to perfection with the previously distilled vodka base in antique copper pot stills to create our finest English Saffron Gin.

Our gin is then bottled, labelled


Our small English Saffron team designed the label. This was then printed for us using a snazzy metallic base - hence the mesmerising shine. The distillery then bottles and labels the gin for us ensuring the highest hygiene standards and quality controls possible.

And the final touch: Our English Saffron wax seal 


Finally our English Saffron wax seal is applied. The purple wax is melted onto the top of the corked bottle and allowed to flow down the side of the bottle. Our English saffron seal is then imprinted on the top so you'll know it's genuine.

Now all there is to do is decide how you want to explore and enjoy our gin's unique flavour. For ideas head to our cocktails page

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English Saffron Flower with saffron threads harvested to create our luxury rare English Saffron Gin
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